Friday, January 24, 2020
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I have always had a strong passion to protect the environment.  As a boy, I spent much of my summers fishing and crabbing near the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia or hiking in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.  I pursued that passion in my education in Marine Affairs at the University of Miami.  I came to Rhode Island to continue those studies in 1990.  I’ve proudly called Rhode Island my home since then and I have continued to pursue my passion for protecting Rhode Island's beautiful waterways, clean drinking water, and scenic parks.  I also have worked hard to help my fellow lawmakers understand the value that our clean waters and beautiful bay provide to our economy: whether you are a university student, a family looking for a home, or a business leader looking to locate your company, the quality of our environment is one of the first things you see and feel and it leaves a lasting impression.  It did for me and it has for many others who I have spoken to over the years.

And so, working to protect Rhode Island’s air, land and water at the State House has always been one of my top priorities, as they are for so many people in my
district. During my time as a state representative we have had success passing effective environmental protection laws.  For example:

  • getting a strong electronic waste law into place to keep old computers and televisions out of our landfills;
  • setting energy efficiency standards for appliances to save consumers money and reduce energy use in our state;
  • passing laws that keep mercury pollution out of our landfills and away from our drinking water and waterways;
  • and defending the state’s clean energy law and preventing out of state medical waste from being dumped in the landfill.
I am looking forward to continuing to push for stronger laws to protect the environment in our state and to oppose efforts to weaken the protections that keep our air and water safe and clean.


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